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Warranty and return policy


We are the first skin producer to offer a 5-year warranty on our Smartphone and Phablet Skins.

Scratched, contaminated or something went wrong during application? Simply take advantage of our warranty.
Terms of Warranty:
§1 This warranty applies to Smartphone and Phablet Skins
§2 The „defective“ Skin must be returned, as ONLY THEN WILL AN EXCHANGE BE POSSIBLE
§3 Each article number involves one warranty claim  
§4 The warranty is comprised solely of the item returned in its entirety with the matching article number.
§5 An exchange will made for a Skin with the identical article number.
§6 The customer bears merely the processing and shipping fee of 5.95.
1. Initially order your new Skin with the identical article number
2. When you have received the item, return the “used” Skin to us (incl. Warranty Claim)
3. Your account will be credited as soon as we have received the old Skin and process the Warranty Claim
To be submitted:
  • „Defective“ Skin (all portions)
  • Completed Warranty Claim

Warranty Claim

Good service is our number one priority!

You now realize that the foil design really doesn’t fit your Smartphone?
No problem! 
Just return the unused item to us, postage prepaid and incl. invoice.
It will be our pleasure to outfit you with another AppSkin to your satisfaction.
Please include the Return Form along with the item in order to facilitate processing.

Return Form